Redwood National & State Parks Trails Gateway

Aerial photo of the Orick Mill Site
Aerial photo of the Orick Mill Site nestled within the old growth coast redwood forest and trail network of Redwood National Park. Redwood Creek and Bald Hills Road are to the right (east) of the over 20 acres of asphalt that is a remnant of the former lumber mill. Highway 101 runs along the property just out of view at the bottom of the photo with the other parks that make up RNSP extending many miles north. Photo courtesy of John Northmore Roberts & Associates.

The Trails Gateway project will establish the site as a new redwood destination, adding capacity to Redwood National and State Parks that has experienced substantial growth in visitation and seasonal overcrowding in recent years.

New public access amenities will include a pedestrian plaza, gathering and wildlife viewing areas, California Coastal Trail connection to the regional trail system, Yurok Village Site programmed by the Tribe, interpretive exhibits, reclaimed redwood seating, restrooms, and parking.

The project entails extensive asphalt removal and site grading to elevate the visitor amenities, decrease stormwater runoff, and support floodplain connectivity. The completed project will ready the site for a future visitor center, which NPS hopes to build when the property is under its ownership.