You Can Protect a New Gateway to Giants

Photo by Paolo Vescia
Photo by Paolo Vescia

You may know about our Santa Cruz Mountains Old-Growth Campaign to protect some of the most beautiful ancient redwood forests still standing less than an hour’s drive from the bustle of the South San Francisco Bay Area. Now we’ve added another magnificent forest to this campaign, and you have the chance to complete the project to restore and open this easy-access gateway to Peters Creek Old-Growth Forest. Learn more about this addition and how you can help.

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Donate Today, Visit Your New Park Addition Within a Year


Sharing a border with San Mateo County’s Memorial Park and less than an hour from Silicon Valley‘s millions of people is a magical forest of big redwoods that’s practically ready for you to walk its wide, welcoming trails. The Loma Mar Redwoods forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains is a delight. You can protect and open this forest to the public. Learn more about Loma Mar Redwoods and our Emergency Projects Campaign.

Historic Partnership Protects Critical Link in Santa Cruz Mountains


On behalf of our conservation partner organizations, Save the Redwoods League on August 28, 2014, secured $10 million from the State of California Wildlife Conservation Board to help permanently protect San Vicente Redwoods, a vast and critical part of the Santa Cruz Mountains’ ecosystem.

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