Stream Restoration Protects Giants of Jed Smith


Unless we take care of the land and waterways around Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, the amazing 2,000 year-old giants at Stout Grove and other parts of the park will suffer. The streams running through the Mill Creek property just south of the park should nurture Stout Grove and imperiled salmon, but they’ve been damaged by 100 years of logging. See how Save the Redwoods League and California State Parks are restoring Mill Creek’s waterways. View the video above. Donate today.

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Purchase Preserves Humboldt Redwoods SP Scenery


In Humboldt Redwoods State Park near the town of Pepperwood is a swath of ancient redwoods so dense that it seems impenetrable (pictured). Abundant fog nurtures the lush ferns and sorrel that cover the ground. The Eel River runs turquoise nearby. Save the Redwoods League has been protecting this park’s forest piece by piece since 1921, safeguarding an area that today is the size of four Manhattan islands.

Wells Fargo Supports Our Redwoods Research


Stephanie Rico feels fortunate to live among the redwoods in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of her favorite things is standing in a circle of redwood trees at a nearby park with her son. “I look up and feel humbled,” said the Wells Fargo Vice President of Environmental Affairs. Troubled by how climate change will affect our lives, Rico wants to motivate more people to work toward solutions. Learn more about Wells Fargo’s support of the redwoods.