Teresa Baker at Muir Woods National Monument.

Teresa Baker Blazes Trail for Racial Diversity in Parks


“America is changing demographically,” said Teresa Baker, founder of the African American Nature & Parks Experience. “People of color will soon be in the majority, and we need to do everything possible to connect them to the outdoors, to help them experience the power of nature.”

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Why Protect Redwoods Infographic

New Redwoods Infographic Shows Why You Should Protect Redwoods


Did you know that redwoods have been around for millions of years, since dinosaurs and giant sloths roamed the earth? Did you know that the tallest redwood towers above a 37-story building? Our mighty redwoods are not only amazing in size and age, but they provide important benefits for people and wildlife alike.

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You’re Invited! Hendy Woods Celebration


For decades, Hendy Woods State Park has been a favorite destination among locals and visitors for camping, hiking and swimming among gigantic 1,000-year-old redwoods. With trails winding through not one but two ancient redwood groves and the Navarro River flowing by, Continued

You can help protect and restore this 33-acre ancient redwood forest, creating the opportunity for public access to Peters Creek Old-Growth Forest in the near future. Photo by Paolo Vescia

A News Story About the Redwoods


This is much more than a news story. View Slideshow ×Close Giant Sequoias Close

Jeff Norman

Event Honors Naturalist, History of Big Sur Parcel


A celebration this month commemorated the late naturalist Jeff Norman (pictured) and his commitment to protecting Big Sur. His property was safeguarded when it was sold to Save the Redwoods League. The celebration featured the unveiling of a new plaque Continued

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