Honors and Awards

Learn more about the honors and awards bestowed upon the League for exemplary service and outstanding contributions.

2018 California Redwoods Month

In recognition of the League’s Centennial Year and the League’s long association with California State Parks, California Governor Jerry Brown has declared October “California Redwoods Month.”

September 27, 2018

  Year of the Redwoods

To celebrate 100 years of working to protect and restore California’s incredible redwood forests and connect people to their peace and beauty, the State Legislature has honored Save the Redwoods League with a Senate Resolution (SR 100), declaring 2018 as the Year of the Redwoods.

  Advocate of the Year

Awarded to the League by the California League of Park Associations.

October 25, 2018

2010 The DeWitt Award for Partnership

The Public Lands Foundation Landscape Stewardship Award for invaluable contributions to the stewardship of America’s public landscapes.

September 15, 2010

  State Parks Grassroots Champion Award

In appreciation for your dedication to state park protection and advocacy with the Save Our State Parks Campaign. As California’s state parks faced one of the most challenging years in its history, your tireless efforts and those of other state park advocates were the most powerful and effective achievements on behalf of our state parks of 2009. CSPF is grateful for your commitment and proud to award you an inaugural State Parks Grassroots Champion Award.

Bestowed at the Eighth Annual Park Advocacy Day on March 8, 2010

2008 ESRI’s Special Achievement in GIS Award

Awarded to the League for using GIS to improve the world — and set new precedents throughout the GIS community.

2001 California State Park and Recreation Commission Resolution: Carl “A” Anderson Redwoods Natural Preserve

California State Park and Recreation Commission classified and named approximately 3,520 acres within Humboldt Redwoods State Park as a Natural Preserve.

Adopted October 26, 2001

1996 United States Department of Agriculture Certificate of Appreciation

Awarded to the League in recognition of outstanding contributions to mapping the Giant Sequoia Groves on the Sequoia National Forest.

February 28, 1996

1994 Sonoma County Regional Parks Department Certificate of Appreciation

Awarded to the League in recognition and appreciation for dedicating Soda Springs Reserve to the county of Sonoma for a public park.

May 21, 1994

1993 California Department of Forestry Honors 75th Anniversary

Presented to Save The Redwoods League for their continued support of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Recognizing their efforts in fire prevention and detection of fires in the Humboldt–Del Norte Ranger Unit.

October 2, 1993

  State Senate Resolution Marking Save the Redwoods League Day

Be it resolved by the Senate Rules Committee of the Senate and the Assembly, that the Save the Redwoods League, the guardians of the world’s greatest forests, be lauded for the role that it has played in preserving the magnificent Redwoods and their massive splendor for the enjoyment of present and future generations, and that October 2, 1993, be recognized as Save the Redwoods League Day throughout the State of California.

  California State Park and Recreation Commission Resolution Honoring 75th Anniversary

Be it resolved that the State Park and Recreation Commission and Director commend the Save the Redwoods League, its Executive Director John Dewitt, the Board of Directors, and all its members for their 75 years of exemplary accomplishments in acquiring thousands of acres of finite redwood resources and promoting their understanding for the Seventh Generation. The Commission and Director congratulate the League on their accomplishments and this grand 75th anniversary celebration.

September 30, 1993

1991 Non-Profit Organization Award

National Association of State Outdoor Recreation Liaison Officers presented this award to the League for establishment of a nationwide fund-raising and information program which has, since its founding in 1918, provided over sixty-five million dollars to preserve California’s irreplaceable redwood groves.

September 1991

1989 California State Park and Recreation Commission Resolution

Whereas, the Save the Redwoods League has been a major partner with the State of California in acquiring lands of significant value for inclusion in the State Park System; and whereas, the Save the Redwoods League has contributed $218,250, or one-half the purchase price, for 78.86 acres of land as an addition to Calaveras Big Trees State Park; and whereas, this purchase will assure the protection of important natural and cultural resources for the enjoyment of this and future generations. Now, therefore, be it resolved that the California State Park and Recreation Commission and Director commend the Save the Redwoods League and gratefully acknowledge this generous donation.

May 12, 1989

  Oakland Office of Parks and Recreation Certificate of Appreciation

Given to the League for contributions towards the preservation and beautification of Oakland’s parks.

Joaquin Miller Park, Arbor Day, March 18, 1989

1987 George Stewart Society, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Foundation

Campaign for Giants: Presented to Save the Redwoods League in recognition of their gift of $1,100,000 for purchase of a portion of the East Fork Grove of giant sequoias in Sequoia National Park.

September 1987

1982 California Legislature Resolution, Joint Rules Committee Resolution

Presented by the Honorable Robert Presley, 36th Senatorial District, relative to the state park system of California. Be it resolved by the joint rules committee of the senate and assembly, that with profound gratitude, and appreciation the members hereby acknowledge, commend, and thank Save the Redwoods League for exceptional generosity to the people of California in furtherance of their State Park System.

November 19, 1982

  California Park and Recreation Commission’s Golden Bear Award

Be it resolved that this Commission and Director thank Save the Redwoods League for its many contributions toward preserving California’s great redwoods and other natural resources. Be it further resolved that with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, we present the Golden Bear Award — our highest honor — to the Save the Redwoods League for its help in creating and perpetuation the State Park System for this and future generations.

November 5, 1982

1966 American Motors Conservation Award

In recognition of exception service to the cause of conservation. (The League was the first conservation organization in California to win this award.)

1954 Holiday Magazine Travel Award

For its long, ceaseless fight to maintain the world’s oldest life form – the Sequoia sempervirens; and for preserving stands of these giant trees for the enjoyment of future generations of travelers, HOLIDAY commends: Save the Redwoods League.

Presented to Arthur E. Connick, president, July 1, 1954

Unknown Date National Park Service Certificate of Appreciation

For the League’s contribution and continued support to the National Park Service for the protection of natural resources.

  Recognition from California State Parks

The California State Park and Recreation Commission and Director gratefully acknowledge and thank Save the Redwoods League for over 50 years of cooperative efforts with the department of parks and recreation and the commission.