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Vote ‘Yes’ on June 5 for Prop 68

It takes all of us to help ancient giants. If approved by voters, Prop 68 would provide sorely needed funding for park projects in California.
It takes all of us to help ancient giants. If approved by voters, Prop 68 would provide sorely needed funding for park projects in California.
As a California voter, you can make a transformational investment in our redwood forests and parks, and our state’s water resources by voting “yes” on June 5 for Proposition 68, the Clean Water and Safe Parks Act of 2018. The act would provide sorely needed funding to improve parks with new trails and visitor amenities and help our redwood parks remain healthy as the climate changes and our population grows.

The vote on this measure comes at a pivotal time for redwood parks. We have much to celebrate during our Centennial year at Save the Redwoods League. Thanks to our generous donors and supporters, a century of conservation has resulted in accomplishments as lofty as the trees we’re working so hard to save. The League has protected more than 200,000 acres of coast redwood and giant sequoia forests, helped to create 66 redwood parks, and connected millions of people to the transformational experience of visiting the redwoods. Over the past 100 years, we have learned a lot about the health and sustainability of our redwood forests, how resilient they are in the face of climate change, and how much people love visiting their redwood parks and reserves.

As we look to the next 100 years, Save the Redwoods League is focused on future generations — the hikers, anglers, birdwatchers, and redwood park lovers of tomorrow, as well as the old-growth redwood forests of the future. By protecting and restoring the younger redwood forests of today with your help, we can create the majestic old-growth forests of tomorrow. But it takes all of us to help these giant trees! That is why Save the Redwoods League is urging Californians to vote “yes” on Proposition 68.

Proposition 68 celebrates what is best about California, including our beautiful redwood forests. If approved by voters in June, Prop 68 would provide $2.83 billion in sorely needed funding for park projects. Prop 68 is the first dedicated park funding measure since 2002. It is time to invest in our publicly accessible redwood forests!

Funds from Prop 68 will help launch critical projects like Redwoods Rising. Photo by Mike Shoys
Funds from Prop 68 will help launch critical projects like Redwoods Rising. Photo by Mike Shoys
Prop 68 would also provide $1.27 billion for water projects that directly benefit communities, such as groundwater cleanup projects, flood protection efforts, and water recycling programs. The proposition is a $4.1 billion bond measure that will help California address some of the state’s most pressing water, parks, and natural resource needs.

In January, California Governor Jerry Brown unveiled his budget proposal (external link) for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, and it included a recommendation to provide $1.9 million from Prop 68 for California State Parks to help launch a program to restore the logged redwood forests of Redwood National and State Parks. This program, called Redwoods Rising, will help heal the forest, creating towering old-growth redwoods for future generations to enjoy. With this funding from Prop 68, California State Parks, Save the Redwoods League and the National Park Service will work to fast-track the growth of healthy redwood forests to ensure the young and old forests exist together as a connected ecosystem and a thriving landscape that supports and protects the natural and cultural treasures found there.

Help us help these magnificent giants, and vote “yes” on Prop 68 in June.


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Shelana recently joined Save the Redwoods League as the Director of Government Affairs and Public Funding. She has a strong track record helping national and statewide nonprofits develop partnerships, lead campaigns and initiatives, and secure public funding to achieve their missions.

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