Spooky Family Fun in the Redwoods

Dark forest. Photo by (matt), Flickr Creative Commons
Dark forest. Photo by (matt), Flickr Creative Commons

Halloween is the perfect time of year for discovering new events and activities that the whole family can enjoy. If you’re looking to do more together than just trick-or-treating, how about seeking out some spooky family fun in the redwoods? The Roaring Camp Railroad in Felton, CA gets into the spirit of the holiday with a special “Ghost Train” for families and children! This sounds like a really fun event with just the right amount of Halloween spookiness—you get to ride one of Roaring Camp’s famous antique trains through the “haunted” redwood forest as “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is narrated—there will even be costumed actors reenacting scenes from the story on lighted stages along the tracks! I love this idea because everyone gets to enjoy both the scenery and the show. Between the ancient forest setting, the steam train ride, and the 18th-century tale, I can imagine it being really easy to feel like you’ve slipped back in time. I bet you might even catch yourself listening for the sound of hoof beats in the distance!

The Ghost Train events also feature a haunted house, games, and activities—check it out on October 26th and 27th. You can learn more and purchase advanced tickets online—their website states that advanced registration is required.

What else does your family like to do together for Halloween, and have you ever spent it in the redwoods? I’d love to know! If you can’t make it to the redwoods for Halloween, send your friends and family a free spooky, redwood-themed ecard!

P.S. Still thinking up your Halloween costume? Try dressing up like a forest animal (a bear, squirrel, or salamander, maybe?) or even a redwood tree! If you do, be sure to send us a picture to post!

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