10 life lessons from the redwoods

There's so much they can teach us

We’ve certainly learned a lot about the redwoods over the years in terms of the science around them and their conservation. But we’ve also realized that there are some broader life lessons that can be had from these long-lived trees. Here are our top 10:

1. Go big. 

go big

2. Play the long game. 

long game

3. Stand up straight. 

stand up straight

4. Don’t play with fire. 

play with fire

5. Branch out. 

branch out

6. Have a growth mindset.


7. Take up space. 

take up space

8. Age well. 

age well

9. Go out on a limb.


10. Respect your elders.


About the author

Garrison Frost joined Save the Redwoods League in 2019 as its Director of Communications.

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  1. Lauren

    Love it!

  2. Ryan Malone

    Beautiful words and thoughts to live by.


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