Redwoods Pledge


Kids! Help Save the Redwoods League protect redwood trees. Pledge today to:

(Choose one or more)

Educate yourself!
Check out books about redwoods from your library.

Experience the redwoods!
Visit a redwood park or a local nature area. Stop by the visitor center or ranger station to learn even more.

Spread the word!
Talk with your family and friends about how special redwoods are. Ask them to sign this pledge, too!

Express yourself!
Draw or photograph the redwood forest. Write a poem about redwoods. View Save the Redwoods League's Art Gallery!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Use less paper whenever you can; reuse and recycle paper at home and at school.

Plant a native tree!
Choose a tree that grows naturally in your area, and give it the space and care it needs.

Leave your car at home!
When you can, walk or bike instead of using the car. For every mile, you'll save about one pound of carbon dioxide emissions.

Donate your time to organizations like Save the Redwoods League that work to restore and protect our great forests.

Take action!
Ask your United States representatives and senators, and California's governor and legislators, to protect redwood forests.

Get Your Parents Involved

Spend wisely!
When buying wood products, choose ones labeled as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Even better — consider using recycled materials or sustainably harvested wood products.

Grow healthy homes!
When building or renovating a home (or planning neighborhood improvements), consider alternatives that ensure the health of existing trees.

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