Field Trip Guide

Use this Teacher's Guide to help plan educational field trips by exploring school programs offered in the redwoods.

The program providers listed below are partners with Save the Redwoods League through our Education Grants Program.

Coast Redwoods | Giant Sequoias | Visit Both Species | Plan Your Trip

Coast Redwoods

Day Overnight
HSU Natural History Museum Humboldt Y N
Redwood Valley Outdoor Education Project Mendocino Y N
Caritas Creek Environmental Education Program Sonoma N Y
Sonoma Ecology Center Sonoma Y N
Salmon Protection and Watershed Network Marin Y N
YMCA Point Bonita Marin Y Y
Chabot Space and Science Center Alameda Y N
YMCA Camp Jones Gulch San Mateo N Y
Vida Verde Nature Education San Mateo N Y
The Environmental Volunteers Santa Mateo, Santa Clara Y N
Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools San Mateo, Santa Cruz N Y
Santa Lucia Conservancy Monterey Y N
Web of Life Field (WOLF) School Santa Cruz, Sonoma Y Y

Giant Sequoias

Day Overnight
Calaveras Big Trees State Park Calaveras Y Y
Calaveras Big Trees Association Calaveras Y N
Yosemite National Park (Northern Sierra) Y N
Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks (Southern Sierra) Y Y
Giant Sequoia National Monument (Southern Sierra) Call Call
Sequoia Natural History Association Tulare Y Y
Sequoia Parks Foundation Tulare, Fresno Y Y

Day Overnight
Foothill Horizons Outdoor School Tuolumne N Y
Green Meadows Outdoor School Mariposa Y Y

Visit Both Species

Day Overnight
UC Berkeley Botanical Garden Alameda Y N
San Francisco Botanical Garden San Francisco Y N

Plan Your Trip

  • Call ahead to reserve space for your group.
  • Visit the site ahead of time and meet with a ranger, interpreter or naturalist.
  • Define trip goals and learning expectations and ensure students understand them.
  • Find information about redwoods by visiting
  • Plan fun activities and/or games to engage students and encourage their curiosity and interest.
  • Communicate clearly with students and parents prior to the trip about any safety issues (such as poison oak) as well as appropriate clothing and shoes.
  • Take cameras, magnifiers, pencils, clipboards, “bug boxes,” and other equipment with you on the field trip.
  • Schedule some “down time” during the day, so students and chaperones can personally connect with the redwood forest.
  • Remind students to “Take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints!”
  • Consider creating a blog or website where students can share their memories, photos, poems and artwork after the trip.



Teachers: Recommend your favorite redwood field trip. Email us at [email protected].