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Funding Redwood Education

League education grants help students discover the redwood forest through programs like Every Child Outdoors. Photo courtesy of Every Child Outdoors

If we are to secure the long-term health and survival of redwood forests, we need to invest in building the next generation of caretakers. Kids and adults need to first experience or be inspired by the awe and wonder of these special places. Of course, for many across the country and the world, visiting California may not be possible. That's why it's so important to have programs that provide schools, parks and environmental education centers the resources needed to plants seeds of wonder.

Education Grants Program

Since 2000, Save the Redwoods League has awarded more than 300 grants to dedicated educators who provide high-quality redwood forest education both in and out of the classroom. The League grants funds to schools, park associations and other qualified nonprofits that provide redwoods education.

Our grant program aims to foster a deeper understanding of redwoods among a diverse audience through visits to the forest and other educational experiences.

Firsthand visits to a redwood park, particularly as children during family outings, have traditionally nurtured support for redwood forest conservation. We believe that if people experience the majesty and ecological complexity of the redwoods, they will be inspired to support redwood forest protection. These experiences may also nurture a greater conservation ethic in other areas of their lives.

How to Apply

The application process for the 2018-2019 grant cycle is now closed. League education grants are available to schools, park cooperating associations, and other qualified nonprofits, on a yearly basis, who are engaged in high quality and meaningful redwood education.



Learn More

Questions? Please contact the Education and Interpretation Manager at or (415) 362-2352.

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