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Join the campaign to purchase Westfall Ranch. Protect 77 acres to improve access to the storied Headwaters and restore the Elk River and salmon habitat.

Learn more about Westfall Ranch.

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Mailliard Ranch Mailliard Ranch: Signature Redwood Landscape

Protect the largest remaining redwood property still in family hands in the entire coast range. With your help, we can ensure permanent protection of this signature redwood landscape so that its splendid forests, rivers and streams, and vast array of plants and wildlife continue to survive and thrive.

Learn more about Mailliard Ranch.

Craig Ranch, the new gateway to these majestic giant sequoias on Case Mountain, will soon be open to the public, thanks to gifts from League members like you. Photo by Bob Wick You Secured a New Gateway to Giants

Gifts from League members like you recently helped protect a dramatically beautiful gateway to an extraordinary kingdom of ancient giant sequoias on Case Mountain.