Transfer Helps Protect Some of Earth’s Tallest 10 Trees

Tall Trees Grove. Photo by clr_flickr, Flickr Creative Commons
Tall Trees Grove. Photo by clr_flickr, Flickr Creative Commons

The Tall Trees Grove (pictured) in Redwood National Park gained more protection after Save the Redwoods League recently facilitated the donation of a 120-acre buffer property from private landowners to the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The League structured and negotiated the transaction and provided the $250,000 purchase price, thanks to our members’ generous donations.

Now part of Lacks Creek Area of Critical Environmental Concern, the transferred property buffers the Tall Trees Grove along Redwood Creek downstream. Tall Trees Grove harbors some of the world’s tallest 10 trees.

The other main reason the League was involved in this project was to consolidate ownership of BLM lands along a natural boundary: Lacks Creek.

The Lacks Creek area, where the League has protected 4,491 additional acres, is a high priority for protection not only because it’s upstream of Redwood National Park, but also because it has many “inner gorge” features. These features are a source of large woody debris that creates deep, cold pools in streams that imperiled salmon need to escape fast currents and hide from predators.

Transfer of the parcel protects the watershed’s exquisite habitat for other imperiled wildlife, including the northern spotted owl and marbled murrelet.

If you like land protection projects like this, please donate now to our Redwood Land Fund to support similar work in the future.

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