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3 Authors to Present Special League Book

The Once and Future Forest: California's Iconic Redwoods limited edition book.
This new book showcases the grandeur of redwoods and five essays celebrating the trees.

Come and hear three authors and League President Sam Hodder discuss the majestic redwood forests they describe in the new book by Save the Redwoods. David Harris, Greg Sarris, and David Rains Wallace will participate in a panel about the book, The Once and Future Forest, which explores redwoods’ history and significance. The event is set for May 5, 2019, at the renowned Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley.

About Save the Redwoods League


Since 1918, Save the Redwoods League has protected and restored redwood forests and connected people with their peace and beauty so these wonders of the natural world flourish.

RCCI researcher Steve Sillett preparing to climb a giant sequoia. Photo: Paolo Vescia.

The Science of Giants: Exploring Redwoods Research from the Top Down


Shrouded in fog and bearing dense, labyrinthine canopies hundreds of feet in the air, redwoods remain mostly a mystery because of their formidable size and scope. But nothing could stop several courageous and curious scientists from getting as up close and personal as humanly possible to the world’s tallest trees.

The League’s reaccreditation demonstrates sound finances, ethical conduct, responsible governance, and lasting land stewardship.

League Earns Reaccreditation


As the glow fades from the 100 candles atop our Centennial birthday cake, there’s one more present we’ve yet to reveal—our renewed accreditation from the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. Save the Redwoods League achieved accredited status, for a second time. This mark of distinction is the gold standard for land trusts.

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