Redwood Legacy Circle Celebrates Peggy Light

From left: Sam Hodder, Peggy Light, and RLC Chair Mike Helms
From left: Sam Hodder, Peggy Light, and RLC Chair Mike Helms
The League recently honored Board Member Peggy Light for her extraordinary generosity in inspiring 105 new legacy gift commitments in 2018 to commemorate the centennial of Save the Redwoods League.

Peggy offered to match each new legacy gift commitment made in 2018 with a $1,000 gift, with a goal to encourage 100 people to join the Legacy Circle. We were thrilled to surpass our goal.

Nearly 100 members honored Peggy in San Francisco for the second annual Redwood Legacy Circle Brunch. Legacy Circle members are committed to the long-term protection of the redwoods by including the League in their estate plans. Their support is crucial for protecting, restoring, and connecting people to the redwood forests for generations to come.

From left:: Bonnie Howard, Sam Hodder, Peggy Light, and Barry Howard
From left:: Bonnie Howard, Sam Hodder, Peggy Light, and Barry Howard
For Peggy, Save the Redwoods League is about family and tradition, with her personal legacy dating back to the League’s founding over 100 years ago. Peggy’s grandfather, A. E. Connick, was a founding member of the League, and his grandchildren Sarah Connick and Barry Howard serve as Honorary Councilors. Like Peggy, Barry is also a member of the Redwood Legacy Circle.

The roots of their family’s legacy run deep, and for Peggy, Save the Redwoods League is very much a part of the family. She fondly recalls family trips to the redwoods, which, coupled with her grandfather’s leadership, inspired her lifelong generosity in service of the League’s mission. The League expresses its deepest gratitude for her family’s vision and leadership.

Learn how you can join the Redwood Legacy Circle.

About Sharon Rabichow


Sharon joined the League in 2006 and serves as the Director of Gift Planning. The combination of her fundraising experience and passion for redwood forests made her a perfect fit for the League.

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