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Coolest Thing I’ve Seen in the Forest

In the last edition of Redwoods, we invited you to tell us the coolest thing you’ve seen in the forest.

Here’s what our members and fans have to say.

Redwood sorrel growing on a mossy log.
Oxalis oregana [redwood sorrel] with dew on the leaves, and when it turns pink and drops hearts on the forest floor. —@butterflyjulie13 via Instagram

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Looking down Fern canyon in Prarie Creek Redwoods State Park.
Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park! —@teddichichester via Instagram

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Instagram comment feed

General Grant Redwood Tree in Winter oil painting by David Saunders
Painting by David Saunders. “I painted the General Grant because it was the first giant redwood I had seen when I was 19 on a trip from England. I can still remember the awe I felt in its presence. I have since visited it many times, and it feels like an old friend.” —David Saunders

Our Question for the Next Edition

What is your favorite activity in the redwood forest?

How to Send Us Your Story

You’re invited to send us your story. Your contributions could appear in upcoming issues of Redwoods magazine.

Post your thoughts and images on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter with the tag #Stand4Redwoods.

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