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Favorite activity in the redwood forest

In the last edition of Redwoods, we invited you to tell us your favorite activity in the redwood forest.


Here’s what our members and fans have to say.

Breathing and singing to the trees!

@hermitmom via Instagram

Hiking with my dog, then finding a creek to sit by.

@redwoodcoastgal via Instagram

Seeing the expressions of joy and wonder on the faces of people that I get to share the forest with—when I’m not looking at the trees.

@filthytrips via Instagram

Writing poetry.



(San Mateo Skyline Blvd) 12/29/2018

Redwood bark looks dark and velvety in the shade.

Electric pompous trees.

Bright sun on tree trunks making loud clangs of beauty. Pompous grasses laughing and giggling or chuckling

like hens in a hen house.

Silver on top of silver beach

with waves splashing more silver.

—Sally Love Saunders

Poem © Sally Love Saunders. Permission required for reprint, sale or commercial use. Contact Sally Love Saunders


Drinking wine with my picnic of local cheese, crackers, etc.

@differentkindoftravel via Instagram

Volunteering for 19 years in the Muir Woods native plant nursery, treasuring every hour there. A redwood a day helps keep the blues away.

– John Eschelbach

I participated in a pastel workshop in the Wawona Mariposa Grove [in Yosemite National Park]. I spent a couple of hours capturing a fallen giant’s reflection in a tiny seasonal pool.

–Mary H. Russell
Pastel drawing of a fallen redwood tree sprouting seedlings from its trunk, which lays partially submerged in water.
Pastel titled, “Life After Death” © Mary H. Russell. Permission required for reprint, sale or commercial use; contact Mary H. Russell,

Our Question for the Next Edition

What can we do to ensure that more people enjoy the redwoods?

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