Redwood Parks Fund

Damage in Big Basin building

Fire Recovery at the Core of New Parks Effort


The fire at Big Basin Redwoods State Park made headlines around the world, but it was far from the only redwood park to burn. Sadly, each of the parks forced to close by fire had only recently been reopened following the state’s COVID-19 stay-home order. Today, through our Redwood Parks Fund, Save the Redwoods League is prioritizing fire recovery and resilience, expanding access to redwood parks, and ensuring that the park experience engages diverse visitors looking to the redwoods for recreation and enrichment. The work funded by this campaign will help redefine how the public enjoys redwoods long into the future. The Redwood Parks Fund will address these impacts as a cornerstone of Forever Forest: The Campaign for the Redwoods, supporting the League’s vision to connect all people with the beauty and power of the redwoods through transformational park experiences. Our goal is to raise $1.5 million for the Redwood Parks Fund by December 31, 2020.

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Redwood Experiences

A new day for California’s redwood parks


I’ll never forget my first time visiting a redwood forest. Even though I was born and raised in California, I didn’t see a redwood in real life until I was well into adulthood and I went to Muir Woods National Continued

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