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New Redwoods Infographic Shows Why You Should Protect Redwoods

Did you know that redwoods have been around for millions of years, since dinosaurs and giant sloths roamed the earth? Did you know that the tallest redwood towers above a 37-story building? Our mighty redwoods are not only amazing in size and age, but they provide important benefits for people and wildlife alike. Not only do they provide us with places to recreate, meditate and find inspiration, but they are richly important for the plants and animals they share a home with.

Although the extensive logging of old-growth redwoods has diminished thanks to conservation efforts over the years, only 29% of the redwood range is protected, and these forests still need our support.

Check out the infographic below to learn something new about the tallest, largest and some of the oldest living things on Earth!

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Why Protect Redwoods Infographic

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