When the river meets the sea


Episode 5 of Season 2 — Hosted by Emily Harwitz.

About this Episode

In the northern reaches of the California coast, Yurok Country is home to the state’s largest federally recognized tribal nation. On a brisk morning here in Redwood National Park, Yurok Tribe member Josh Norris invited us to paddle down the Klamath River in ‘ohl-we’-yoch, a traditional Yurok canoe carved from a fallen redwood trunk. He shares about the anatomy of “the boat of the people,” how the river has transformed over generations, and reimagining education and community development while revitalizing and preserving Yurok culture. Book a canoe ride at visityurokcountry.com/adventure.

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Josh Norris canoeing in a red jacket on the Klamath river
Josh Norris, Yurok Tribe member

About our Guest

Josh Norris (he/him) is the manager of the Yurok Country Visitor Center and Redwood Yurok Canoe Tours in Klamath and Neighborhoods Director of the Klamath River Promise initiative. He has spent most of his career as a high school English and Social Science teacher or as a Community Organizer or writing/developing curriculum. Josh is raising three young boys in the town of Klamath near his village of origin.

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About the host of Season 2

Emily HarwitzEmily Harwitz (she/her) is a multimedia science writer and photographer whose work focuses on the environment and our connection to it. She tells stories that foster community, provoke curiosity, and inspire a sense of deeper connection with the natural world around us.

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