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Redwood Tree Trunk, by Betsy Alver
Redwood Tree Trunk, by Betsy Alver
In the hushed calm of a verdant redwood forest, we stand with our feet planted firmly on duff. Redwoods surround us, reaching for light from the uneven earth.

We have gathered in Butano State Park for the dedication of the Betsy and Larry Alver Family Grove and are observing a moment of silence. When we are truly quiet, Betsy asks, what do we hear?

Simple birdsong threads the air, and we note the sound of water in a nearby creek, abundant from recent winter storms.

The redwoods have inspired the Alver’s creativity for years. They invited their close family and friends to attend their grove dedication via homemade invitations featuring Betsy’s lovely painting of a redwood trunk.

On trips to the redwoods, Larry takes the time to really see and capture the beauty of the forest in photographs.

Newton B. Drury Grove, by Larry Alver
Newton B. Drury Grove, by Larry Alver
I think of Betsy and Larry’s love of redwoods. This is their church, the special place where they find peace, perspective and joy.

In a time increasingly defined by the deterioration of nature, their gift will protect the forests that they love for generations to come.

As a testament to their commitment to future generations, their grandchildren and friend’s children join Larry in reading A Bard of the Redwoods, a poem by his grandfather, O. C. Alver.

I cherish the feeling of delight,
That stirs me whenever I come in sight,
Of Redwood Trees, so tall and straight,
For a message of truth they to us relate…

Read the full poem.

We stand listening to the voices of youth, rising amidst the trees.

The Betsy and Larry Alver Grove Dedication
The Betsy and Larry Alver Grove Dedication
Out here, where nature thrives, it is easier to hear your own heart along with the sounds of the forest.

I find my answer to Betsy’s question. The Betsy and Larry Alver Family Grove is a living legacy of peace and wonder in the forest. As we stand together, in harmony with wind whisking lightly through the trees, I hear hope.
Support from redwood grove dedications helps to permanently protect and restore redwood forests.

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