Give the Gift of Green this Cyber Monday

Photo by Keith Morgan
Photo by Keith Morgan

Sweaters fade, electronic gadgets become obsolete, but redwood trees last for centuries. This holiday season, forget the frames and nix the novelties. Instead, help protect California’s redwoods by dedicating a tree or grove in honor of your loved ones this holiday season.

For just a $1,000 donation, you may personally select and name an individual redwood tree in one of our honor groves in the California State Parks system. Grove dedications are also available in 19 redwood parks, offering the opportunity to name a special place in the forest in honor of a loved one.

I know many of you holiday shoppers are probably thinking this is way too much to spend, but keep in mind that dedicating a tree or grove is a meaningful way to support the redwoods, their surrounding landscapes and Save the Redwoods League this holiday season and beyond. This unique and priceless gift will show your loved ones how much you care about them and about our environment.

Find out how you can dedicate a tree or grove this holiday by e-mailing or calling 415-820-5800.

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About Jennifer Benito-Kowalski

Jennifer joined Save the Redwoods League in 2007 as the Director of Outreach, charged with leading the organization's marketing communications and outreach efforts to connect people to the peace and beauty of the redwood forests.

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