K-12 Giant Sequoia Tour from Anywhere

A new, free Save the Redwoods League program is introducing K-12 students from around the world to the magic of giant sequoia using live, interactive videoconferencing. The Parks Online Resources for Teachers & Students (PORTS) virtually transports children to Calaveras Big Trees State Park in the Sierra Nevada to learn about the world’s largest tree species. Since the program’s launch last October, more than 8,000 students have participated in digital field trips to Calaveras with Park Interpretive Specialist Jenny Comperda. Here’s a look at the program in March, when 1,160 students participated. Teachers, sign up your classroom today.

About Jenny Comperda

Jenny Comperda

Jenny Comperda is a PORTS Program Presenter at Calaveras Big Trees State Park. She leads fun and engaging virtual field trip adventures with K-12 students, spreading the big tree love far and wide.

Captivating Essay of Redwoods’ History


Coming face to face with a coast redwood or a giant sequoia can be a world-expanding experience. Yet, without real context of the species’ antiquity, gazing up at seemingly boundless crowns and at gargantuan trunks can actually leave some onlookers underwhelmed.

7 Ways to Celebrate Redwoods


If you missed Earth Day and Arbor Day festivities, you can still mark the occasions belatedly with these seven ways to celebrate our beloved redwoods.

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