Make a Bigger Difference for Redwoods

Photo by David Baselt,
Photo by David Baselt,

I’m so grateful to have you as a redwoods supporter. Will you extend your commitment to redwoods in 2019—and, if so, will you make a contribution to support our Redwoods Rising project before our fiscal year ends on March 31st!

A thousand acres have already been restored as part of Redwoods Rising—a collaborative project to transform historically logged parkland into old, magnificent redwood forests once again. Please, make a gift now so we can keep working to restore the full 70,000 acres.

Will you make a gift or become a monthly donor to help us create an old-growth forest of the future?

I know an ask like this is a tall order. Nobody loves delayed gratification—and it takes generations to restore a forest to majestic old-growth conditions, as we plan to do through Redwoods Rising.

But here’s the way I think about this: I’ve made a commitment to our forests, and that means I’m in this for the long haul. I’m going to celebrate the changes that we can see in our lifetimes but I’m never going to lose sight of the long game. I think you might feel the same.


That’s what makes this team of supporters so special. You’re willing to join your fellow redwoods supporters to make small gifts now that have giant impacts: restoring towering old-growth forests the next generation will enjoy…and the next generation after that.

Please, give before our fiscal year ends and help create the redwood forests of the future.

Thanks for all you do!

P.S. When future generations get the chance to experience the majesty of old-growth forests, it will be because of your generosity today.

About the author

Kate Berry is the Senior Manager of Annual Giving. She manages the League’s comprehensive and integrated annual giving program. She is a Bay Area native, loves 80’s music, and her favorite place to see redwoods is Hendy Woods State Park.

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One Response to “Make a Bigger Difference for Redwoods”

  1. Claire Joaquin

    I love the redwood forests. I like to give toward preserving these forests. I also would like to think that it’s possible to create a redwood forest with new plantings, but I don’t particularly want to fund a redwood tree “farm” with nice neat rows of trees . If I could be persuaded that people can actually
    create a forest (the soil alone is important) I will help fund it. Do you have a photo of these 70,000 acres you’ll be planting?


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