Todd McMahon: Using Forest Expertise to Heal the Land

Todd McMahon, Vice President of NCRM Inc., an environmental consulting firm. Photo by Paolo Vescia
Todd McMahon, Vice President of NCRM Inc., an environmental consulting firm. Photo by Paolo Vescia

Todd McMahon is Vice President of NCRM Inc. (external link), an environmental consulting firm. He has helped manage League properties for many years, and has a great ability to understand each forest—what forces have impacted it, and what it needs to thrive.

He collects and analyzes forest and wildlife data, and monitors forest conditions on League-held properties and recommends how to restore their health. But his favorite part of the job is exploring the forest when starting a new project.

“Each forest is so completely different,” he said. “I get to find out what is unique about them, to figure out what happened on those properties in the past to shape them into the way they are now.”

“Most of the forest that we deal with now has been impacted in the past,” he explained. “Even though forests have this remarkable ability to heal themselves, our job as forest stewards is to go out there and understand what those past impacts are, and try to help guide the healing process – sometimes to expedite it, but definitely to guide it in the right direction so that ultimately we end up with a healthy forest.”

Todd’s knowledge of the forest means he can help give the land its best chance for recovery. Partners like Todd make the League’s work—and our members’ dedicated support—that much more impactful.

How You Can Be a Steward Too

Todd: There are a lot of things you can do: Explore, study and understand the forest. Donate to the League. Volunteer to do restoration work. Educate others about the forest and try to get them involved in being a steward, too.

Volunteer Opportunities

Help redwood parks by volunteering for California State Parks as a docent, caretaker or patroller, or choose from many other roles. Call (916) 653-9069 or email [email protected], and leave your name and address to receive applications and information about each of the parks.

If you’d like to get involved with the Mendocino Land Trust, visit their website (external link) to learn about volunteer opportunities and other ways you can help.

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