Your first redwoods experience

Tell us about your first time in the coast redwoods and giant sequoia

Everyone who has ever walked among the coast redwoods and giant sequoia remembers the first time they saw these incredible forests. For most, it was at one of our incredible redwood parks, magical places where millions of people from around the world experience the majestic trees every year.

Our redwood parks have been a refuge, providing inspiration, strength, and healing. Here at the League, we’re tripling our efforts this Giving Treesday to help our parks recover from the wildfires, and ensure that these vital places are prepared to welcome a new generation of visitors. Have your gift tripled.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear about your first experience in the redwoods. Use the comments section below to share your story.

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Since 1918, Save the Redwoods League has protected and restored redwood forests and connected people with their peace and beauty so these wonders of the natural world flourish.

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9 Responses to “Your first redwoods experience”

  1. Mistie Clark

    I honestly cannot remember my first time seeing these truly magical trees. I must have been in 6th grade, so back in the mid 1980s. But it matters not, every single time we visit the redwoods is no less magical. Last year my family and I stayed at Hendy Woods drove through Navarro River Redwoods, and we traveled Orr Rd to Montgomery Woods. This year we are heading up the coast to Jedediah Smith Redwoods, and we cannot wait! They are truly magical and the feeling you get of seeing them is indescribable.

  2. David

    I bought a bus for $50 in Vancouver BC and took the long way back to Nova Scotia. Going through northern California, completely awestruck by the trees, I was pulled over and ticketed for driving too slow.
    Camped here and there under those trees before heading east. Even then in the early 90’s people were talking about forest mismanagement and how it was threatening the viability of the whole environment.
    Got into a long and impassioned discussion with a retired logger who singled me out as a “environut” who
    in the end admitted that there were places that should not have been cut, he said that “all the clear cut blocks were square, and the land isn’t square”

  3. Ira Ben Sigal

    Majestic trees. they are awesome. do not cut them down. My family and I first went camping in the redwoods many years ago, several different camping areas. Breathtaking.. Awesome to see them.

  4. Meg Ryan

    I’ve never had the pleasure, but can hopefully save enough money to take a vacation and be surrounded by these magnificent giants.

  5. Lorraine Ziek

    Walking in the Ruth Stout grove, first the silence, then the smell, and the feeling of being part of being here now, in the moment, unforgettable. Go, worship, support, enjoy, while you have the opportunity. You will always remember and honor the Redwoods! Support the Redwoods!

  6. Bob

    I’m 70 and grew up on the east coast. In 1980 I made my first trip to CA. I had always wanted to see these “majestic giants,” so I went to Muir Woods. WOW! NO PHOTO can really capture the magnificence of redwoods. I have been a nature photographer, and every trip I made to CA always included visits to the redwood groves. I now live in Santa Rosa, in the heart of the “Redwood Empire.” I’m saddened by the destruction of these forests in the past, BUT, thanks to Save the Redwoods, and other groups, we are actually increasing the areas protected. My local grove, Armstrong Redwoods is closed right now because of the recent wildfires, but I have been assured that by the time the flames entered the grove, it was low intensity and was a “helpful” burn. Can’t wait to get back. Thank You Save the Redwoods!!!

  7. Lillian Boly

    I think I sent you this before, but I will repeat. When I first saw redwoods and sequoia trees in 1956, I was amazed! And i said I would never buy anything made of redwood.

  8. Tom Harper

    I had the extreme pleasure of living amongst the redwoods, virtually right across State Highway 9 from Henry Cowell State Park in Felton California for 14 years. It was a wonderful place to raise my children, one of whom went on to getting her BA degree in Environmental Science. These spectacular trees make such an indelible impression upon your soul that makes one feel so small in their presence. We must do all we can to protect them for perpetuity. I am thankful I got to spend a short time in their splendor.

  9. Frank C. Martinez IV

    I was humbled, when I was first saw the coastal redwoods, when I was eight. The mystery and wonder was what I remember. Then, only six years ago, I went for the first time to the inland redwoods, and I experienced that awe and wonder again.


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