Book reading: Under One Rock

Authored by Anthony D. Fredericks — Illustrated by Jennifer DiRubbio

Bugs, Slugs and other Ughs


Narrated by Deborah Zierten

Join us as we dive into the mysterious world of what lives under a rock. From hundreds of ants, to slimy worms and black spiders to jumping grasshoppers, you can discover a lot if you just know the right place to look.

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Book Extension Activities

  1. Spiders are in a different group than insects. Write down three ways they are physically different. What are three ways they are similar?
  2. Write a story about what you would discover if you looked under a rock or a log? What creatures would you hope to find?
  3. There are a lot of adjectives in the book used to describe the creatures. Write down the different adjectives on a word collage and sort them into groups.
  4. Create a handprint spider or other insect art.

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