How to Help Kids Connect With the Redwoods from a Distance


The Redwoods have stood tall through histories of disaster and destruction and are still here to help us breathe.

While schools are closed and shelter-in-place is in effect throughout California, the forests can remind us of our opportunity to connect.

Whether you’re able to make it to local redwood parks and maintain six feet of social distancing or you need to stay home, there are many ways to make use of the League’s and our partners’ resources and feel the essence of the natural world.

A young girl smiles at the camera as she enjoys exploring a redwood park. She is standing in front of a young redwood tree.
A young girl enjoying time in a redwood park. Photo: Victoria Reeder

Out in the Redwoods

  • Interact with the land with “My Redwood Journal” in English and Spanish.
  • Sign up to receive the Coast Redwood Guide for Families here and the Sequoia Guide for Families here.
  • Sing with the birds, dance with the leaves, and listen for owls and life crawling at your feet.

At Home

  • Virtually explore the redwood forest through our redwood websearch.
  • With our Redwood reading guide, feel the forests come to life wherever you are, reminding you where many once stood.
  • Play a game! (Print out the cards, or get creative by drawing pictures and making your own version.)
  • Reserve your spot for free Home Learning Programs that highlight coast redwood, giant sequoia, and other amazing state parks via the PORTS distance-learning program from California State Parks.

There is so much history to learn from these ancient redwood trees—to acknowledge what has been and continues to be. What is the history of the land you are living on now and what can you learn when you listen today?

About the author

Lauren Holtzman is an Education Assistant with Save the Redwoods League. She supports young people in connecting with the Earth and each other through understanding history and our roots.

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