Autumn-Winter 2019

Two people standing next to giant Sequoia tree looking very small

Go with the Snow in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks


When the snow falls, the ancient forests of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks ascend to another level of otherworldly. With the forest floor blanketed in fresh powder and the giant sequoia’s evergreen leaves frosted, the trees’ massive trunks glow a vibrant orange against a sea of white. Winter is the time to enjoy the giants while snowshoeing, skiing, and sledding.

The Overstory | The Sequoia Lives On


The Overstory By Richard Powers It’s no surprise that The Overstory won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, because this novel is magnificently written. The book is about forests, their grandeur, their importance, and their destruction. The blight that wiped …

Protecting Nature and Enriching Visits in Giant Sequoia National Monument


Half of the 48,000 glorious acres of giant sequoia forests in California, including Giant Sequoia National Monument, are owned by the US Forest Service. Despite the groves’ significance, these magnificent places have limited recreational, educational, and interpretive infrastructure to support their hundreds of thousands of annual visitors.