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Today, the League transferred the 5.9-acre Berry Glen Trail Connection property to Redwood National Park (RNP), securing crucial wildlife habitat and important trail connections into the park’s two largest ancient redwood groves. The transfer is a significant step forward in protecting lands in the Prairie Creek Scenic Corridor, a long and narrow stretch of privately held lands surrounded by park lands. Learn more about this important transfer.

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The League’s recent transfer of the Berry Glen Trail Connection property to Redwood National Park provides a significant portion of the limited habitat used by herds of Roosevelt elks, which draw thousands of tourists and photographers each year. Photo by Paolo Vescia Save the Redwoods League Transfers Berry Glen Trail Connection Property to Redwood National Park

Federal Land and Water Conservation Funds Help Protect the Prairie Creek Scenic Corridor, Gateway to Ancient Redwoods   Contacts: Mike Kahn | Save the Redwoods League | Cell: (650) 269-1264 | Jeff Denny | Redwood National Park | Phone: … Continued

Butano State Park. Photo by Julie Martin Save the Redwoods League Launches Genome Project

University of California, Davis, John Hopkins University and Save the Redwoods League today announced an ambitious plan to fully sequence the coast redwood and giant sequoia genomes — for the first time — utilizing conifer genetic sequencing techniques unavailable until now.

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