For Students

Our redwood forests are living classrooms ready to be explored in person or online.

Book Readings

Follow along with us as we read various redwood and nature books and further explore these topics through extension activities.

It takes a forest to sustain ancient redwoods.

Redwood Forest Facts

Explore fun redwoods facts and learn about layers of the coast redwood and giant sequoia forests.

Redwood Kingdom Game

Find out who trumps who in the redwood forest by playing the Redwood Kingdom Game, an educational game for kids!


Redwoods Photo Library

Download and use FREE photos from our coast redwood and giant sequoia library.

Redwoods Pledge

Take our pledge and make a commitment to helping redwoods.

Redwood coloring page educational activity

Art and Poetry

Bring out individual creativity in kids of all ages with these activities:

Educational Videos

Watch videos and learn more about the plants and animals in the redwood forest.
Visit our YouTube Channel to see the full collection of redwoods videos!

Live Redwoods Webcam

Daydreaming about a trip to these tranquil forests? Now you can escape virtually with our live webcam of the Smith River flowing through world-renowned Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, home to many of the tallest trees on Earth.


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