Andersonia West

Safeguarding hundreds of acres of old-growth coast redwoods and habitat for imperiled species

Video footage by Alex Herr, NCRM Inc.

In the northern reaches of Mendocino County, within the heart of Sinkyone Tribal territory, is a lush coastal conifer forest known as Andersonia West. On this rugged 523-acre property above the Pacific coast, hundreds of acres of old-growth coast redwoods still tower among Douglas fir, tanoaks, and Pacific madrones over a vibrant understory of huckleberry, manzanita, and ceanothus. 

Andersonia West is a key inholding of redwood forest—a critical habitat corridor in a vast network of approximately 180,000 acres of protected lands on the remote Lost Coast. A mile north of the 3,845-acre InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness, Andersonia West is nestled between the 7,250-acre Sinkyone Wilderness State Park and the 50,000-acre Usal Forest, which is a working forest protected by a conservation easement.

Seeking to safeguard this remarkable section of the “Lost Coast” for future generations, Save the Redwoods League in July 2020 announced the purchase of Andersonia West.

December 2021 UPDATE: To ensure lasting protection and ongoing stewardship, the League donated and transferred the forest to the Sinkyone Council, and the Council granted the League a conservation easement.

This forest will again be known as Tc’ih-Léh-Dûñ (pronounced tsih-ih-LEY-duhn), meaning “Fish Run Place” in the Sinkyone language.

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