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Mendocino County

Mendocino Woodlands State Park


Mendocino Woodlands State Park Brochure Park Information HIGHLIGHTS: Located 150 miles north of San Francisco and nestled amid 720 acres of second- and third-growth redwoods, charming cabins with all the creature comforts (kitchens, dining halls, showers and bathrooms) create an Continued

Photo by Paolo Vescia

New Lost Coast Trail Extension Now Open


The Lost Coast lends itself to adventure like nowhere else in California. As you explore this stunningly beautiful, remote expanse of coastal bluffs and forests, a true sense of discovery takes hold – it feels wonderfully wild and unchanged. With 100 miles of almost completely roadless beauty, this is the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline left in California. Small wonder that the spectacular trail that winds along the Lost Coast is a top-tier, bucket-list adventure for all who love to get into the wild. And now that trail is even better!

The Enchanted Forest is part of the Shady Dell property. Photo by Paolo Vescia

Shady Dell


For more than 100 years, this forest was a private, hidden treasure. Your generous gifts enabled Save the Redwoods League to buy the 957-acre Shady Dell and plan its restoration. Now we’re working to open its wonders to you.


Skunk Train Stories


There is only one place you can enjoy the last remaining “motorcar” train choo-chooing through a forest of giant, ancient redwoods: the Skunk Train in Mendocino County! Built as a logging railroad in 1885 for moving giant, felled redwoods to Continued

Photo by mlhradio, Flickr Creative Commons

Van Damme State Park


Van Damme State Park is 3 miles south of the town of Mendocino, where the Little River crosses Highway 1. Some visitors come here for the river and the redwoods, some for the coast and the abalone, and some for the history.

The park is named after a Flemish-American, Charles Van Damme. After operating the Richmond-to-San Rafael ferry line in the Bay Area for a few years, he invested in property in the redwood groves where his father had been a logger. After Charles died, the parks system acquired the land in 1934.


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