You Bring New Wonder to Calaveras Visitors

Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Photo by Julie Martin
Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Photo by Julie Martin

As the story goes, in 1852 a hunter wounded a grizzly and chased it into a forest, only to find trees that were three times bigger than any he’d ever seen before. The hunter spread the word about the red-barked giants. Today, Calaveras Big Trees State Park (pictured) still surprises visitors with its spectacular giant sequoias. Soon your support will make the park even more interesting. Your gifts are helping create a museum exhibit hall, improve access to the North Grove hiking trail, where visitors enjoy the giant trees, and more. See what else is coming.

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You, Emergency Fund Are There at Crucial Times


It’s why Save the Redwoods League exists – giant redwoods, centuries old, up for sale by private owners. A developer or timber company has put in a bid for the property. We must be prepared to respond quickly with funding in place. Help make sure we are always ready by donating to our Emergency Projects Campaign.

Your Support Nets Discoveries about Forest


Did you know that redwoods are not only highly resistant to fire but are nearly indestructible? Just one year after devastating fires, redwoods that had been scorched were already covered with the green fuzz of new foliage. Are you aware that installing rest boxes (like birdhouses) on trees can help save members of the weasel family known as martens? These agile creatures are redwood forest dwellers that have nearly vanished.

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