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Photo by Julie Martin
You can designate a gift for Save the Redwoods League in your will like Marcia and Jim Allegretti, who want to protect the redwoods after they pass on. Photo by Julie Martin

This year, Save the Redwoods League wants to help you make a resolution you can keep (in 20 minutes or less, for free). Everybody needs a legal will (even if you’re going to be alive for the next 100 years), but too many people put it off year after year.

Many of our supporters are making 2019 the year they get their plans in order. Making a will gives you peace of mind and lets you show your love for the people and causes close to you.

If you choose, you can also include a gift to the League to ensure the protection of our redwood forests for generations far in the future.

It’s the biggest gift most people will ever give, and it costs you nothing now.

Before you get started, here are some of the common mistakes to avoid when thinking about wills.

Mistake 1: But I don’t have “an estate.”

You don’t have to own a castle in Europe to need an estate plan. It’s important to plan for things like who might care for your pets.

Mistake 2: But I plan on living for another 100 years.

Good! And we hope that happens. But making a will now is an incredible expression of values for the people and causes you love, and you don’t want to be stuck without one.

Mistake 3: Will this even help the causes I love?

Yes! It’s valuable for us to plan for these gifts, even for the distant future. And it gives nonprofits a chance to celebrate and thank you today.

Join your fellow supporters in making a transformative difference and checking a big item off your list in just 20 minutes. Visit to get started.

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Sharon joined the League in 2006 and serves as the Director of Gift Planning. The combination of her fundraising experience and passion for redwood forests made her a perfect fit for the League.

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