“Skate slow and live”

Episode 4 of Season 2


Episode 4 of Season 2 — Hosted by Emily Harwitz.

About this Episode

Skateboarding in the redwoods might seem unconventional, but it’s a thing. The nonprofit Skate Like a Girl (SLAG) hosts a sleepaway skate camp for women, trans, and nonbinary skaters—in the middle of Sequoia National Forest. We skated with SLAG in Santa Cruz and from the skate park ventured into the Forest of Nisene Marks with squad members Sam Mercado, Jai Ledesma, and Kim Woozy to talk skateboarding, nature, and building inclusive community. Turns out skate culture has some things in common with the redwood forest. Both inspire joy, resilience, and a sense of belonging. Read Episode Transcript

Visit skatelikeagirl.com to register for programs, including Women + Trans Skate Camp from August 8-12 or 15-19, 2022 (two sessions, registration opens May 7, 2022).

Music by Wavebreaker.

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Portraits of Jai Ledesma, Kim Woozy, Sam Mercado and host Emily Harwitz outdoors
Clockwise from top left: Jai Ledesma, Kim Woozy, Sam Mercado, and host Emily Harwitz.

About our Guests

Kim Woozy, episode 4 guest
Kim Woozy

Kim Woozy (She/her) Tedx speaker, founder of MAHFIA.TV and Partner of the Women’s Skateboarding Alliance, Kim has over a decade of experience advocating for women in skateboarding. Finding her own strength, freedom, and self-expression through action sports, she is committed to creating accessible opportunities for everyone to participate. ​
Year Joined: 2014
Jai Ledesma, episode 4 guest
Jai Ledesma

Jai Ledesma (They/he) Jai is a former Americorp Up2Us Coach and a lead program staff for Skate Like a Girl Bay Area. Coming from a small town, Jai moved to the Bay Area to help people find their confidence through skateboarding. They truly believe in being an individual and having your own style. Jai loves skateboarding and the determination it takes to do it.
Year Joined: 2018
Sam Mercado, episode 4 guest
Sam Mercado

Sam Mercado (They/them) Growing up in Ventura, CA, Sam dreamed of learning to skate, but could not see themself doing it until a few years ago when they picked up a local zine showcasing non-traditional skaters. After attending Sk8 School later that year, they have been a participant with Skate Like A Girl ever since. Sam sees skateboarding as a powerful outlet for self-expression and an opportunity to safely practice being bold. Motivated by their belief that there are as many ways to be a skater as there are skaters, they are committed to providing a non-judgmental and encouraging space for anyone willing to stand on a board.
Year Joined: 2021

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I’ll Go If You Go, a Save the Redwoods League podcast.

Through conversations with Black, Indigenous, and people of color who explore and work in the outdoors, we’re building community and illuminating how Californians from all walks of life think about and experience nature and conservation, in the redwoods and beyond.

About the host of Season 2

Emily HarwitzEmily Harwitz (she/her) is a multimedia science writer and photographer whose work focuses on the environment and our connection to it. She tells stories that foster community, provoke curiosity, and inspire a sense of deeper connection with the natural world around us.

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