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Episode 6 of Season 2 — Hosted by Emily Harwitz.

About this Episode

We’ve explored many ways to play in the redwoods this season. What resonates most, beyond any single activity, is the relationships formed and fortified—with one another, with the outdoors, and with one another in the outdoors. In this season’s finale, beneath the redwoods in Oakland, Grace Anderson (she/her) and Mo Asebiomo (they/she) embody Black joy (spontaneous laughter alert!), the expansive meaning of playing outside (cloud watching or an adrenaline-pumping bike ride, choose your own adventure), and the powerful affirmation that comes from affinity and resilient friendships. Let’s play!

Music and sound design by Nhu Nguyen and Anni Feng.

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 Portrait of two BIPOC people outdoors
Grace Anderson and Mo Asebiomo

About our Guests

Grace Anderson (she/her) (she/her) is a dreamer, networking weaver, and joy enthusiast based in Oakland, CA. Mo Asebiomo (they/she) is an outdoor educator who loves cloud watching and sleeping under the Sun. They are the Camp Co-Director at Abundant Beginnings, a collectively run, Black-led community education and empowerment initiative.

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I’ll Go If You Go, a Save the Redwoods League podcast.

Through conversations with Black, Indigenous, and people of color who explore and work in the outdoors, we’re building community and illuminating how Californians from all walks of life think about and experience nature and conservation, in the redwoods and beyond.

About the host of Season 2

Emily HarwitzEmily Harwitz (she/her) is a multimedia science writer and photographer whose work focuses on the environment and our connection to it. She tells stories that foster community, provoke curiosity, and inspire a sense of deeper connection with the natural world around us.

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