The redwood forest inspires the students in our Redwoods and Climate Change High School Program.

New generations of caretakers are needed to support the work to save the magical redwood forests forever.

The League’s Forever Forest Campaign for the Redwoods is providing support to this project. Learn more

Redwood Education Programs

The League’s Education Program connects new generations of caretakers to redwood forests, educating students on the importance of redwood forests and what we all can do to protect them.

The League supports and provides innovative education and interpretation programs that encourage and inspire youth to experience, love and conserve redwoods. By partnering with various organizations, the League continues to expand the range and reach of personally relevant redwood experiences to our growing and varied population.

Our Education Program’s goals are to:

  • raise awareness of redwood forests, research and conservation
  • provide engaging, firsthand experiences in redwood forests for people of all ages
  • become a leading resource in redwood education and interpretation
  • empower youth to become stewards of redwood forests


Redwoods and Climate Change High School Program

This program aims to bring high school youths from San Francisco Bay Area cities into redwood forests to conduct scientific research. The students have an opportunity to explore the forest as a scientist by collecting scientific data (measuring the height and diameter of trees and ferns), documenting biodiversity, and investigating drought impacts on forest plants. The program also encourages teachers to teach locally focused science. Classroom curriculum focus on hands-on activities where students calculate biomass and carbon, learn redwood ecology, and analyze climate change data from our Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative. Review the program flyer for more information and check out the program video below.

Junior High Phenology

This program engages students in community science through our redwood phenology project. Students have the opportunity to visit a park as a scientist and collect real data, make observations, and identify forest plants. Data is the submitted to a national phenology database. (external link)

Explore Your Watershed

In elementary school, students have the opportunity to explore the relationship between water and forests, through learning about their local watershed. This program brings students on two field trips, to their local redwood forest and to the San Francisco Bay. Classroom curriculum introduce students to the concept of a watershed and they learn about the habitats they see first-hand on their field trips. Field activities include conducting scientific transects, creating a nature watershed, journaling and observation, and a beach cleanup. This program teaches the importance of a clean and healthy watershed and the role each student can play in making sure the plants and animals that depend on that watershed are health.

North Coast Redwood Program

The League is working in partnership with the Humboldt County Office of Education to bring comprehensive redwood curriculum and field trip opportunities to the students in their county. This project will provide FREE inquiry-based curriculum and field trip opportunities to K-12 schools grounded in locally relevant science and aligned with California’s Next Generation Science Standards. We use the charismatic redwood forest as a learning laboratory to engage students in science topics such as watersheds, ecosystems, biodiversity, and climate change.

Trainings, Presentations, and Public Outreach Programs

The League makes it a priority to partner with a range of educators and interpreters at redwood parks and preserves to enhance education programs and redwoods experiences for all park visitors. Expert staff are available to lead guided hikes about redwood ecology and climate change science and conduct community science opportunities through our programs Redwood Watch, Redwood Phenology, and Fern Watch. We also offer curriculum support and development, educator and docent trainings and public presentations.

For more information, please contact the Education and Interpretation Manager at or (415) 362-2352.

Redwood Connect Grants

Our Redwood Connect Grants are designed to foster equitable access to parks, meaningful and community-driven connections with nature, and a deeper understanding of the many different attributes and benefits of the redwood forest.

Education Resources

The following resources will help formal and informal educators teach about redwood forests:

Questions? Please contact the Education and Interpretation Manager at or (415) 362-2352.

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