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Dana Viloria is Save the Redwoods League's former Writer/Storyteller and Editor. In addition to amplifying people’s stories in nature, she loves building community in the outdoors.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. Photo: David Baselt,

Captivating Essay of Redwoods’ History


Coming face to face with a coast redwood or a giant sequoia can be a world-expanding experience. Yet, without real context of the species’ antiquity, gazing up at seemingly boundless crowns and at gargantuan trunks can actually leave some onlookers underwhelmed.

RCCI researcher Steve Sillett preparing to climb a giant sequoia. Photo: Paolo Vescia.

The Science of Giants: Exploring Redwoods Research from the Top Down


Shrouded in fog and bearing dense, labyrinthine canopies hundreds of feet in the air, redwoods remain mostly a mystery because of their formidable size and scope. But nothing could stop several courageous and curious scientists from getting as up close and personal as humanly possible to the world’s tallest trees.

Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

My Redwood Confession: A Compelling Story of How Man and Tree Can Save One Another


Trees are living, breathing beings; it’s easy to forget. Even those among the mightiest of them—the coast redwood, for instance—can seem mundane, ubiquitous in everyday signage, their timber hidden in the bones of Northern California buildings and homes. But to some, man’s connection to trees can be almost palpable.

Guardians of the Giants: A Legendary 100-Year History of Saving the Redwoods


In the summer of 1917, three men had a collective vision. Beneath the 300-foot-tall ceiling of an airy cathedral of ancient trees in Humboldt’s Bull Creek Flats, soft beds of redwood sorrel underfoot and golden rays beaming through the canopy overhead, they found the inspiration to change the course of history.

Transamerica Redwood Park in San Francisco. Photo by TheWestEnd, Flickr Creative Commons

Places to See the Redwoods in San Francisco


Fortunately, there are pockets in The City (as Bay Area residents know and love it) where locals and visitors can experience the redwoods, both virtually and tangibly. No need to even hop on any freeways or cross any bridges. ETA: less than an hour.

Mariposa Grove's giants. Photo by Jenkinson2455, Flickr Creative Commons

Travel: Mariposa Grove to Reopen After Multiyear Restoration


Yosemite National Park’s Mariposa Grove of Giant sequoias is expected to reopen this fall after a multiyear restoration. In addition to red giants standing higher than a 30-story building, visitors will find new, wheelchair-accessible trails and boardwalks, roads converted into hiking trails, and an interpretive display of a fallen ancient giant.

Bill holds a seedling at the Mill Creek nursery in Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park. Photo by Mark Bult

Bill Libby: League Honors a Scientist and Leader


Forest geneticist Dr. William Libby, a longtime volunteer leader for Save the Redwoods League, recalls the night in 1951 when he chose the path for his life’s work.