Fire at Big Basin Redwoods State Park derails nature museum project

Big Basin nature museum
Fire melted the project sign for the renovation of the Big Basin State Park Nature Museum. Photo by California State Parks.

For the past several months, one of the projects that the League was most excited about was helping the Mountain Parks Foundation renovate the historic nature museum at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. A family favorite for decades, the museum was nonetheless in need of updating, and the vision for the project was ambitious, to create “an immersive experience that turns spectators into active participants in conservation.”

Work on the project was well underway in the original building when the CZU August Lightning Complex Fire came through the headquarters on Aug. 18, destroying everything. We look forward to a new nature museum being part of the park’s rebuilding — but we know that will be some time away.

Big Basin nature museum
The Big Basin Redwoods State Park Nature Museum was in the process of renovation when fire hit the headquarters area on Aug. 18, 2020. Photo by California State Parks.

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