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Video: Burning to save giant sequoia forests


Save the Redwoods League recently worked with Inside Climate News to tell the story of the dangers faced by California’s giant sequoia forests in a time of high-severity wildfire. League Forest Ecologist Linnea Hardlund features prominently in the video talking …

A woman stands next to a giant sequoia tree among burned giant sequoia, with the sun shining.

Giant sequoias’ declining wildfire resilience


For millennia, one of the defining characteristics of giant sequoias has been their innate resilience to wildfire. But in the last several years, severe fires in the Sierra Nevada have revealed an unprecedented vulnerability in the groves. League staffers’ publication in a scientific journal is the first to document this new phenomenon.

firefighter in sequoia grove

Preliminary Toll from Sierra Wildfires Confirm That Treasured Giant Sequoia Face an Existential Threat


According to data compiled by the Giant Sequoia Coalition, 28 giant sequoia groves experienced fire from the 2021 KNP Complex and Windy fires, and these fires killed up to 5% of world’s giant sequoia that are at least four feet in diameter. When combined with estimates that as much as 14% of the world’s monarchs were killed in the 2020 Castle Fire, the numbers paint a grim future for these natural treasures unless immediate action is taken.

Two firegfighters stand on a ridge with fire and smoke

Backburning: fighting fire with fire


Fire crews use backburning to protect important values such as homes, giant sequoia groves, and infrastructure like the Sequoia National Parks headquarters during the KNP Complex fire.

A giant sequoia grove

Windy Fire reaches Red Hill


As the Windy Fire burns in Red Hill, the League needs supporters to champion prescribed burning and fire resilience work.