Video: giant sequoias inspire awe in a changing environment

The League's Tim Borden shares his love of the giant trees

Right before the end of the winter season earlier this year, the League’s Tim Borden took to his skis up at Alder Creek and ruminated on the enduring power of giant sequoias in a changing environment.

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Garrison Frost joined Save the Redwoods League in 2019 as its Director of Communications.

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5 Responses to “Video: giant sequoias inspire awe in a changing environment”

  1. Vida Kenk

    Beautiful. I wish I could share it.

  2. Robert Miland Taylor

    Redwoods are a breath of Fresh Air, when you Ski our Slopes. Keep Redwoods intact, for Generations to come.

  3. Steve Clark

    It’s very important to do some research on the subject of climate engineering … the aerosol spraying of our skies all over the world are causing in part these huge changes in weather and environment. The spraying of aluminum, barium, strontium and now graphene over our forests make all plant life highly incendiary. This is why our giant trees are not making it back after fires.
    Fire is part of our eco-system in Cali but not when its aided by incendiaries!
    Please see the website to find credible science and a huge inventory of facts on this subject . IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE REDWOODS LIKE I DO….YOU NEED TO HELP STOP THIS GEOENGINEERING…. FOR THE REDWOODS ….AND OUR SELVES

  4. April Woods

    I am all for addressing Climate Change to save the Redwood forests and all the animals that live in and around them. Humanity is failing to control itself with it’s greed & growth and risking all the lives on this planet for their endless search for wealth, it is insanity, greed is an addiction that has to be addressed or it kills and now it is well on it’s way to killing the planet. End wealth, end greed, end hoarding money, end being rich, end money but do not continue to war & disrespect nature and put our planet in jeopardy of losing all life to Climate Change.

  5. Francesca Austin

    I hope we all survive this climate change. When I moved here I found hearing about the huge snowpack to be breathtaking – coming from cold New England which never gets more than several feet my whole life. Very disappointing and scary to have these dry winters.


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