Alder Creek

Redwood tree rises through the canopy

Top 15 League achievements of 2023


As we approach the end of 2023, we find ourselves contemplating yet another remarkable year at Save the Redwoods League. Our gratitude extends to our wonderful partners, members, and supporters who make possible the essential efforts of safeguarding and restoring …

alder seedling

Video: How to restore a giant sequoia grove


For several hours on a sunny day in late May, crews worked their way up the south-facing hillsides on the heavily burned section of the League’s Alder Creek property. With various tools in their hands, and backpacks full of seedlings, …

Trail pathway running through giant sequoias in Alder Creek Grove

Overview of Alder Creek


Protecting an Extraordinary Giant Forest Superlatives somehow seem lacking when describing the 530-acre Alder Creek property. Ancient sequoias soar to the sky, as do magnificent old ponderosa pines and white firs. Native bees and other pollinators swarm the blossoms of …

Snow on the ground at Alder Creek creates an otherworldly landscape. Photo by Victoria Reeder, Save the Redwoods League

Facts and FAQs about Alder Creek


Key facts about this landscape. Until its acquisition by the League in 2019, Alder Creek was the largest private holding of giant sequoias left on the planet.

The Stagg Tree is the fifth largest known tree in the world. Photo by Max Forster, Save the Redwoods League

Alder Creek History


A Legacy of Giant Sequoia Protection Giant sequoias are legends in the Sierra forests both for their enormity and centuries of endurance. In the conservation community, they are legendary as well: The effort to protect these extraordinary trees laid the …

Snow on the ground at Alder Creek creates an otherworldly landscape. Photo by Victoria Reeder, Save the Redwoods League

Public Access to Alder Creek


How to visit Alder Creek Save the Redwoods League connects people with the peace and beauty of the California redwoods and giant sequoias. Alder Creek is a natural treasure that will provide unparalleled opportunities to foster inspirational visitor experiences in …

Stagg Tree downslope with a person at the base for scale

Traditional Indigenous Land


Alder Creek is within the traditional lands of the Yokuts peoples. Yokuts people have long lived along the waterways flowing from the Sierra Nevada and around Tulare Lake. The Yokuts language has dozens of dialects, most of which are endangered …

The giant sequoia on Alder Creek combine with a raw natural landscape. Photo by Max Forster, Save the Redwoods League

Restoration & Stewardship


Restoring an Ancient Landscape in a New Era After acquiring Alder Creek, the League set out on a monumental task; doing what we can to ensure this landscape will be prepared for the current and future conditions that threaten its …

A man stands in the center facing the camera between two large giant sequoia trees, with giant sequoias in the background shrouded in fog.

Backpacking in the giant sequoias


Ever thought about what it would be like to go backpacking in the giant sequoias? A small contingent of League staffers took a weekend backpacking trip in Alder Creek, and left with some amazing photos and new perspectives. Together, the four colleagues had a grand time stargazing, viewing the Stagg Tree (fifth largest tree in the world, as most of you already know!), and hiking uphill through the giant sequoia grove just above camp. Here’s what it was like.

Two men walking into a coast redwood forest

Thank you to our Forever Forest supporters for changing the redwoods’ fate


The ambitious Forever Forest campaign — now concluded — will fund key initiatives to lay the foundation for a new era of redwoods conservation. Even in the face of an unexpected global pandemic, unprecedented wildfires and climate change impacts, and some of the most divisive social and political times in America’s history, we as a community drew strength, inspiration, and resilience from the redwoods we all love.