Post-Fire Alder Creek Update

Good news: most of the giant sequoia on the Alder Creek property are OK

Two men in yellow shirts and hard hats stand in front of a large giant sequoia tree, behind a sign that shows the tree's name, the Stagg Tree
The Stagg Tree is fine after the SQF Complex Fire.

As the SQF Complex Fire reached our Alder Creek property, we were cautiously optimistic that they would be OK. Good news: According to our partners Northern Rockies Incident Management Team 6, most of the giant sequoia were not impacted by high-severity fire. Some trees that were damaged during this recent fire had sustained damage from previous fires or other natural events. The monarch giant sequoia and other size- and age-classes of sequoia fared well. In most areas, the fire effects should be beneficial to support regeneration. And of course, we’re not too surprised that the Stagg Tree made it through.

We are still working on connecting with our neighbors who have been displaced from Sequoia Crest, so please keep them in your thoughts.

See below for a few more photos of Alder Creek post-fire.

A man in a yellow shirt and hard hat stands in a road surrounded by giant sequoia trees.
The giant sequoia of Alder Creek generally responded well to the SQF Complex Fire.
A white truck is parked between two giant sequoia in the background, and two men in yellow shirts and hard hats walk in the foreground.
Our partners Northern Rockies Incident Management Team 6 provided an update on Alder Creek, reporting that most of the giant sequoia are OK.
Trees on the Alder Creek property in the Sierra Nevada.
Large monarch giant sequoia and sequoia of various size and age classes fared well during the fire.

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  1. Kevin van der Meer

    Great news!

    I had a question regarding Alder Creek, and more specifically Sequoia Crest. Do you have an plans to acquire residential lots in the Sequoia Crest subdivision? It is awfully tragic that they decided to allow a subdivision to be placed in a giant Sequoia Grove. Thanks for the work your organization does!

    Best Regards


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