Washburn Fire burns close to treasured Mariposa Grove

League closely monitoring progress of fire as it approaches giant sequoias

washburn grizzly giant
Crews with Yosemite Fire hose down Mariposa Grove’s Grizzly Giant in preparation for a possible incursion by the Washburn Fire. Photo by Linnea Hardlund.

Since the beginning of the Washburn Fire on the afternoon if July 7, Save the Redwoods League has been closely monitoring its progress as it nears the treasured Mariposa Grove in Yosemite. As of now, July 12, the fire has reached 3,221 acres and 22% containment.

washburn fire map

So far the fire has not greatly encroached on Mariposa Grove, something that officials largely attribute to the area’s history of active management to limit the unnatural overgrowth of small trees and shrubs that has led to high-severity fires that have led to unprecedented losses in other groves in recent years.

The League is sharing updates on this fire on our Twitter and Facebook feeds, and you can find current information there. You can also track the ongoing fire on the League’s interactive fire map.

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Garrison Frost is the League's former Director of Communications.

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One Response to “Washburn Fire burns close to treasured Mariposa Grove”

  1. Linda Degelman

    Why haven’t CalFire and/or forest Service called in Coulson Aeronautics to bring in their Chinook
    night flying helicopters to try to save our precious redwoods? Coulson was featured on 60 minutes 2 weeks ago where they had to sit for 2 days waiting to be allowed to fight the Caldor Fire. The forest service seems to be stuck in the 1950’s and are not aware of Climate Change or a 20 year drought. If the Mariposa trees crown in this fire, they will die.


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