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Salmon Monitoring in Redwood Creek

Each year, the League funds individual research projects that help advance our knowledge of the biology, ecology, and conservation of coast redwood and giant sequoia forests.  In 2008, a grant was awarded to Walter Duffy and Michael Sparkman of Humboldt State University to monitor salmon in Redwood Creek. Monitoring for this project started in 2004 to get a better idea of salmon populations in the creek. The remaining old-growth redwoods along Redwood Creek are located in Redwood National Park. By monitoring these salmon at the upper and lower parts of Redwood Creek, these scientists can get a better idea of how important old-growth forests are to salmon populations.

 Now the researchers have almost a decade of valuable data about Redwood Creek’s fish numbers and needs. You can find out more about this study, and what the scientists have observed, here.


Photo credit: USFWS Pacific, Flickr Creative Commons
Photo credit: USFWS Pacific, Flickr Creative Commons

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