Video: A walk through Redwood Park in Arcata Community Park with Latino Outdoors

Nature video is first in a series through a partnership with Save the Redwoods League

Enjoy this terrific walk through Redwood Park in Arcata Community Forest with Jayrlin Molina, a Humboldt State University forestry major, and Latino Outdoors Humboldt Outings Leader, as she guides a virtual tour through the majestic redwoods of this terrific landscape.

This is the first video of a partnership between the League and Latino Outdoors virtually exploring coast redwoods and giant sequoia.

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About the author

Leslie Parra is Outreach Program Manager for Save the Redwoods League. She has garnered significant recognition for her leadership in community civic action, STEM and environmental education, and diversity, equity, and inclusion work over the past 15 years. Her professional calling is to cultivate enrichment programs with multicultural and international perspectives, driven by and in collaboration with communities. During her free time, she loves to go hiking with her partner Eric and their dog Mishqui (which means “sweet” in Quichua, the native language of Ecuador—a place she calls home).

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18 Responses to “Video: A walk through Redwood Park in Arcata Community Park with Latino Outdoors”

  1. Susanna

    That was so awesome!!! Thank you for taking me back home! I miss those trees SO MUCH! It was like going back to science camp, when a guide would show us around the woods.

    It’s heartbreaking to hear that only 4% of old growth redwoods remain. Why does the state government continue to allow ANY logging of these precious trees??? Between the logging and the fires, it is truly devastating. People don’t realize how much serenity and peace these forests bring to all who visit them. Here in Barcelona, I’m pretty far from any forests, and the one proper park the city has, Colserolla, is constantly under threat of closure by rangers that don’t want anyone to enjoy it. And this park is accessible by public transit!

    I look forward to seeing more of your videos, they take me back to home, Corte de Madera open space preserve on the SF Peninsula.

  2. Kesra

    I loved it! I am a landscape painter and am weak for trees and ferns, so this was right up my alley! Thank you so much!

  3. Jody

    I’m a grandmother and I just have to say I think you’re adorable! I certainly admire your knowledge, but your enthusiasm just brightened my day. If you were an interpretive ranger, I would follow you anywhere. I hope we see you in future videos!

  4. Paul Bruno

    GREAT video ~ I’ve hiked that forest many times and had no idea what surrounded me. Thank you!

  5. Eric

    Thank you so much. You made me miss the redwoods and strolls through them when I was a kid. Be sure, these will stay with you forever.

    Great job!

  6. Bonita Wyke

    Excellent video, delightful stroll, impressive knowledge and passion! You are a Forester, a Protector of the Redwood Spirit and Ancient Wisdom! Brava! You will be/are a wonderful professor, a true ambassador of caring for our beloved Earth. Muchas Gracias…You will touch many lives💜

  7. Lisa

    Loved watching this virtual tour. Thank you, Jayrlin Molina.

  8. Jen

    Thank you, Jayrlin! I have been down to the redwoods dozens of time but never had a guide. I learned a few things and will be looking out for redwood sorrel with the red underside so I can taste them!

  9. Sherry

    Thank you so much for that education, Jayrlin, and for exposing us to such beauty! You go, girl!

  10. JamesO

    Great job, Jayrlin! You really did channel the “wisdom of the trees”!

  11. Jenny

    That was a wonderful walk Jayrlin! Thanks for sharing the redwoods with us and for sharing your personal connection to them.

  12. David Ambruster

    Enjoyed this walk through Redwood Park! Thank you.

  13. Linda MacDonald

    A great little video. Thank you Jaylin! You are a natural actor and a very knowledgeable scientist.

  14. Jean Sinclair

    Sooo enjoyable!! The walk made my day! She was wonderful!!🙂

  15. Misha Dee Bruton

    So awesome! You Rock! I just got home from a walk up my road. I was hugging trees and enjoying the peace. I was also saddened by the mess that was made by timber company”s destruction. So sad! What can I do? I don’t have money to donate but I have time. Thank you for all your hard work and love.

  16. Daniel del Rio Perez, Esq.

    Informative and peaceful video. Thank you, Jayrlin!

  17. Eric Hiss

    Great job Jayrlin! Love seeing Chicanas/os/POC outdoors and enjoying the amazing nature we Californios have been close to for centuries. Viva la Naturaleza!!

  18. polly

    Thanks for the terrific walk, Jayrlin! You shared so much information – loved it. Keep up the great work. Good luck with your studies.


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