Help Preserve Open Space and Old-Growth Redwoods: Vote Yes on Measure AA

On June 3, 2014, voters can vote “Yes” on Measure AA.
On June 3, 2014, voters can vote “Yes” on Measure AA.

On June 3, 2014, voters can vote “Yes” on Measure AA, a bond measure for the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (Midpen) that will provide funding to ensure our environment is protected for future generations. Measure AA will protect old-growth redwood forests, breathtaking coastline, endangered wildlife and trails ideal for hikes and exploration.

Your vote in favor of the “Yes for Open Space” Measure AA will:

  • Preserve some of the last ancient coastal redwoods and the San Mateo coastline from over-development.
  • Protect the highest-priority habitat lands that are critical to maintaining the region’s rich diversity of wildlife.
  • Protect vital creeks and streams to keep our drinking water clean and conserve our precious water resources , which are especially important in drought conditions.
  • Maintain the highest level of care for our most beloved natural lands, including reducing fire risks during dry conditions.

Midpen has been working in our community for more than 40 years to preserve the redwood forests, water quality, wildlife, recreational opportunities and scenic beauty of the region. It has preserved more than 62,000 acres and manages 26 open space preserves in San Mateo and western Santa Clara Counties.

Save the Redwood League strongly supports Measure AA and the work of Midpen, which shares our mission to conserve and restore our redwood forests.

See the list of the 25 projects that will benefit from AA and view more information about Measure AA on Midpen’s website.

Please join me and vote Yes on Measure AA.

—     Andy Vought

Program Director, Portola and Castle Rock Foundation and member of the Board of Directors, Save the Redwoods League

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Andy Vought is the President of Portola and Castle Rock Foundation as well as a League Board Member.

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2 Responses to “Help Preserve Open Space and Old-Growth Redwoods: Vote Yes on Measure AA”

  1. Shelly cannon

    Where is the oversight 8 years later? At Bear Creek so much money. Wasted on plans drawn up for work never completed AND MidPen spent 20% of the $300M on a new grand shiny building for themselves in Palo Alto. Where’s the public outraged. These people self manage and don’t “report” to anyone. Why?

    • Save The Redwoods League

      Hi Shelly, if you are interested in learning more about how MidPen is managing its fiscal responsibility related to Measure AA – MidPen has a hub of resources that has current information on Measure AA that include fiscal accountability reports which break down expenditures by project portfolio. They include information about its oversight committee, who are volunteers appointed by elected officials of each district that serve on its board of directors. Additionally, you can find more info on MidPen’s website about Bear Creek Redwoods – it states “Midpen completed the first of several phased public access projects in 2019. The Alma College site and an additional 15 miles of trail, including a new multi-use regional trail connection, will be phased in over the next fifteen years.” We hope this information is helpful!


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