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May Membership Madness!

It’s a Great Time to Join the League!

We're in this together. Photo by Paolo Vescia
We’re in this together. Photo by Paolo Vescia

The best hope for keeping the redwoods protected is making sure there are people like you committed to supporting them year after year. That’s why I hope you’ll join us as we kick off our first ever May Membership Madness campaign!

Join the League today and we’ll send you a free gift.  Our recycled and recyclable grocery tote will help you conserve resources and also advertise your support of the redwoods.

Your support will:

  • Protect irreplaceable old-growth redwood forests.
  • Restore redwood forests to resemble their natural state.
  • Educate and inspire future generations with the wonder of the forest.

As a member, you’ll receive special benefits such as our twice yearly bulletin, invitations to League events, and the satisfaction of knowing that you’ll be our newest Redwood Hero, a part of the solution for the redwood forest.

I’m thankful for all lour loyal members who have stepped up to protect redwood land for us all to enjoy.  Please donate today and help our May Membership Campaign succeed!



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About Deborah White


Deborah joined the League's staff in 2012 and served as the Associate Director of Development. She brings over a decade's worth of experience fundraising for conservation organizations in the Bay Area.

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