How and Why You Should Donate Your Vehicle to the League

Donate your car to help save redwoods. Photo by Nicolas Boullosa, Flickr Creative Commons
Donate your car to help save redwoods. Photo by Nicolas Boullosa, Flickr Creative Commons
At Save the Redwoods League, we are working harder than ever to protect the majestic coast redwoods and giant sequoia in the entirety of their expansive ranges. They are not only unique natural treasures, icons of California and the Pacific Northwest, but also organisms that store more carbon than any other forest and therefore play a vital role in mitigating climate change.

To help protect these marvelous forests, there are many ways to give. But did you know that we accept car donations? (external link) Through CARS, our trusted partner, anyone can easily donate a vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle — be it a car, truck, van, boat or motorcycle — is in good shape or not. Proceeds will go towards supporting our urgent work to protect and restore redwoods.

In the wake of our centennial, we are busy with new and exciting efforts. We unveiled an ambitious, first-of-its-kind project to sequence the genomes of coast redwoods and giant sequoia. By sequencing their DNA, we can better understand how to protect redwood forests in the midst of climate change. In 2017, we protected Stewarts Point, an 870-acre redwood property in Sonoma County, and we placed conservation easements on Mailliard Ranch, an 11,178-acre forest in Mendocino County, protecting their young redwood forests in perpetuity.

We also made it our mission to connect people to the redwoods. In fact, we can only protect these magnificent landscapes if we inspire a future generation of conservationists and redwood-lovers like yourself. Last year, we provided free state park passes to over thirty thousand people as an alternative to shopping on Black Friday. And to celebrate our centennial this year, we are offering free park passes on every second Saturday of the month.

We hope it’s obvious — we couldn’t do any of this vital work without your support. Every day, we feel a deep appreciation for the people who donate to save the redwoods. As we continue to protect and steward redwood forests and lead with cutting-edge conservation science, we will no doubt rely on the help from numerous supporters just like you.

Donating a vehicle is simple; just follow this link to the contact form (external link), and CARS will follow up with you to schedule a convenient pick-up time and location. After CARS sells your vehicle, proceeds will go towards supporting our future work. With the help of your tax-deductible donation, we really can save the redwoods. To anyone donating their vehicle, thank you so much!

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Kate Berry is the Senior Manager of Annual Giving. She manages the League’s comprehensive and integrated annual giving program. She is a Bay Area native, loves 80’s music, and her favorite place to see redwoods is Hendy Woods State Park.

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